GF Piping Systems (GF) has expanded its automation product line with two new Level Transmitters, incorporating advanced radar sensing technology designed for high accuracy tank level measurement in water treatment applications.  Source: Technology News… Read More

Badger Meter’s newest addition to the family of E-Series® Ultrasonic meters is the E-Series Ultrasonic Plus with Integrated Shutoff Valve.  Source: Technology News… Read More

The Hydro-Guard® pressure monitoring system provides water professionals with pressure data throughout the distribution system and near-time alerts when conditions change.  Source: Technology News… Read More

Hitachi Consulting Water Management Solutions tailor water management services with an approach that includes detailed assessments, leading technologies and equipment implementation, as well as water management intelligence systems, and ongoing management and maintenance. Source: Technology News… Read More

Singer’s three new fire valves include: Electronic Operated Deluge Valve, Pneumatic Operated Remote Control Deluge Valve and the Electric Pneumatic Operated Deluge Valve. Source: Technology News… Read More