After decades of dysfunction that have exacerbated chronic water problems, California is on the cusp of a new era due to historic groundwater legislation. However, meeting the law’s goals will require overcoming stubborn systemic obstacles, according to a report by researchers at Stanford’s Water in the West program and the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution… Read More

A four-year effort by a coalition of diverse stakeholders along California’s third largest river, the Eel River, recently culminated in the completion of a new plan aimed at restoring the watershed’s once thriving fish runs and ecosystems. Source: California Water News feed… Read More

It was revealed in June that California’s southern Sierra Nevada is now stocked with an estimated 66 million dead trees, all killed directly or indirectly by the state’s ongoing drought. … To better understand the results and what they mean, Water Deeply recently spoke with Jeffrey Moore, aerial survey program manager with the Forest Service. Source:… Read More

The Global Rundown Pollution from mines abandoned during the recent collapse of coal markets is contaminating rivers and rice paddies in Indonesia. Water flows are declining and shifting in the Indus Basin, researchers found. Scarce water supplies in some drought-hit regions of India are sparking violence. Michigan’s new budget includes a big funding boost to… Read More

Leaders pledge more use of low-carbon fuels. Shawinigan hydropower complex, in Quebec, has generated electricity for more than 100 years. The North American Clean Energy Plan, announced on June 29, 2016, could boost Canadian hydropower production. Photo © Shutterstock By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue At a summit in Ottawa today, the leaders of Canada,… Read More