Naturally-occurring asbestos has been found in the rock formations and in the air near the damaged Oroville Dam main spillway, according to a press release. Although California Department of Water Resources said risk to workers and the surrounding community is minimal, dust-control operations are being increased. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

The Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District diversion dam has withstood flooding and droughts in the Sacramento River for nearly 100 years and remained intact. But the dam met its match this year when releases into the river from Shasta and Keswick dams were cranked up to more than 80,000 cubic feet per second. Original article Source: California Water… Read More

Salton Sea advocates on Thursday cautiously celebrated the announcement of a 10-year state plan to complete projects designed to restore areas where migrating birds once proliferated and control toxic dust storms rising off expanses of smelly playa surrounding the shrinking salty lake. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

A coalition of mainstream medical associations that together represent more than half of all American physicians announced this week that it will urge white-coat professionals to link health problems such as asthma, allergies and the spread of certain diseases with environmental shifts that most scientists believe are caused by global warming. Original article Source: California… Read More

Modesto and Turlock farmers are thankful that record storms have boosted to capacity Don Pedro Reservoir, which holds water needed for crops. But excessive rain and snowmelt also have washed huge amounts of debris into the Tuolumne River upstream from the reservoir. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More