Will endangered fishes, such as Chinook salmon, delta smelt, and longfin smelt, benefit from control of predators, especially of striped bass? This question is of interest because if the answer is ‘yes’, then predator control might increase the benefits of other actions, such as provision of environmental water for native species. Source: California Water News… Read More

The Rundown Senator letters support the idea that politics and water are local. A House committee introduces a big water resources bill. The EPA revises the drinking water health standard for a nonstick chemical. The Supreme Court rejects an Exxon groundwater contamination appeal. The House Natural Resources Committee discusses three water settlements. The USGS studies… Read More

Hi all, I'm planning on doing a dissertation on the Urban rivers syndrome in London, which would involve me collecting field data; width, depth, velocity, water quality etc etc. But I was just wondering if there's any laws which prevent me from accessing and studying rivers, and whether I need to get permition from the… Read More