AquaLogic™ from Select Energy Services is a full suite of automated water transfer solutions consisting of automated equipment, including pumps and a proportioning system, that responds to operator specifications and changing conditions in real time. Source: Industrial Water News… Read More

Fluid Dynamics’s dynaBLEND™ Liquid Polymer Dilution/Feed System technology has been designed to effectively activate all types of liquid polymers. Source: Technology News… Read More

The new ally™ water meter from Sensus is an integrated three-state valve that enables utilities to remotely turn on water for a new account, turn it off in the event of a leak or reduce the flow.  Source: Technology News… Read More

Val-Matic’s American-BFV® Butterfly Valve is strong, reliable and proven dependable since 1971 with thousands of field installations throughout the world. Source: Technology News… Read More

The State Water Resources Control Board (Water Board) has, at long last, issued the “final” version of the preliminary draft of its Procedures for Discharges of Dredged or Fill Materials to Waters of the State (“Preliminary Draft”), substantially modifying the Water Board permit process for discharges to “waters of the state.”  Source: California Water News… Read More

In the summer of 1916, a raging fight for the soul of the nation had pitted rampant capitalism against responsible conservation across some of the last unspoiled places in America. Towering forests, majestic mountain ranges, and pristine waterways were under siege as industrial logging, mining, and drilling magnates sought to put personal profits ahead of… Read More

Three years of conservation efforts around the Southwest have prevented a water shortage in Lake Mead for at least another year. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced projections for the Colorado River reservoir’s Jan. 1 water level, and it rises above the elevation at which downstream users must restrict their water diversions. Source: California Water… Read More