Im seeing all these machines online that are well over 1,000 dollars, but for a such a simple process, surely there is a cheaper way to get the same result. Im trying to stay as far away from fluoride as possible. submitted by /u/carbivore96 [link] [comments] Source: Reddit Water News… Read More

Summer is when Sierra Nevada hikers and bikers transform dreams of warm days and magical mountain vistas into reality. This year an extra helping of snow survival skills might keep those dreamy, high country trips from turning into nightmares. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

El Nino conditions are developing across the Pacific with an increasing probability that a full-fledged El Nino episode will occur during the second half of 2017. Pacific equatorial winds have slackened since the start of the year and a characteristic tongue of warm water has begun to form stretching from Peru toward the international dateline.… Read More