Budapest, 2 December 2016 – The Budapest Water Summit 2016 ended on Wednesday after three days of High Level Panels and Forums and months of international consultative processes. During a special ceremony, participants presented the Budapest Water Summit Messages and Policy Recommendations which lay out the concrete directions and guidelines needed to ensure the successful… Read More

In reading a recent editorial in the Los Angeles Times, we just about choked on our Cheerios. … Invoking the “California condor, the giant sequoia, the golden trout,” the writer implied that farmers in Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties have lost sight of what it means to be Californians.  Original article Source: California Water… Read More

Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech, a scientist who revealed Flint’s alarming lead levels in 2015, said the “public health crisis” is nearing an end, although he firmly urged residents to continue to use filters on kitchen faucets – perhaps for as long as it takes to replace the old steel lines that bring water into… Read More