A watchdog arm of the U.S. Department of the Interior says the Bureau of Reclamation lacked the authority to enter into an agreement with the Klamath Water and Power Agency on water use, and that consequently $32.2 million spent by the agency over seven years “was a waste of funds.” Original article Source: California Water… Read More

There are some significant and exciting changes underway in the science and related thinking surrounding California water and the challenges facing fish in California’s Central Valley. At the leading edge of this work is Cal Trout, a conservation group dedicated to fish and people. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

There are different protocols law enforcement raiding trespass marijuana grow operations must follow to dispose of chemicals — sometimes illegal, sometimes household — on private and public lands, and the procedures can be so time consuming the chemicals can get rifled through by curious wildlife, vandalized or stolen in the meantime. Original article Source: California… Read More

The Bay Area made history in June 2016 by passing Measure AA, a wetland restoration parcel tax and the first ballot measure to include all nine counties. Besides providing wildlife habitat and flood protection, the measure may hold lessons for future regional governance. Most of all, however, the measure’s success underscores how important the Bay… Read More