California policymakers are the last line of defense against the federal government’s attempt to facilitate a water heist from beneath our Mojave Desert. Cadiz Inc. seeks to extract 50,000 acre-feet of water from an underground basin in the Mojave each year and pump it to urban users near the coast. View Original Article Source: California… Read More

Critical pools on the lower Eel River where migrating salmon swim toward their upriver spawning grounds are once again saturated with sediment, according to local researchers and river surveyors. Eel River Recovery Project board member and salmon surveyor Eric Stockwell said the shallow pools and channels make it more likely fish will contract disease or… Read More

The Global Rundown A newly-released U.S. federal report warns that water cutbacks in the southwestern United States could occur by 2020 as Colorado River water levels fall. Bushfire season begins early in parched Australia. Lead in U.S. Army bases is poisoning service members’ children, a new report claims. Delhi, India, neglects traditional rainwater harvesting amid its… Read More