Ragusa, A.T., and Crampton, A., Human Ecology, 44(5):565-576, October 2016 In the midst of popular and scientific debates about its desirability, safety and environmental sustainability, bottled water is forecast to become the most consumed packaged beverage globally (Feliciano 2014) and fastest growth sector in Australia (Johnson 2007). Manufacturers attribute increasing sales to convenience and health benefits rather… Read More

The Chlor-Scale 150® from Force Flow provides a simple and reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine or ammonia used, and the amount remaining in the cylinder. Source: Industrial Water News… Read More

Modern Water has recently launched the QuickChek™ Atrazine, a rapid enzyme immunoassay strip test that produces results in just 10 minutes and is ideal for detecting atrazine in both drinking water and environmental water samples. Source: Technology News… Read More

Organica Biotech’s Bioclean is an elixir of probiotic agents which can effectively aid in industrial wastewater treatment, septic tank management, anaerobic digestion, sewage treatment, lake/pond remediation and FOG bioremediation. Source: Technology News… Read More

The TU5 Series Turbidity Platform from Hach is comprised of both laboratory and online turbidimeters and has been designed to be the next standard in the evolution of turbidity. Source: Industrial Water News… Read More

Modern Water’s new SmartReader is a photometer that can be used with any of its RaPID assay and EnviroGard range of test kits, which effectively monitor the quality of drinking water, process water, wastewater or soil. Source: Industrial Water News… Read More