The Bureau of Reclamation selected four submissions to receive prizes in its downstream fish passage at tall dams’ prize competition. Briana Connors of Cincinnati, Ohio, won the first prize of $10,000. The remaining three prizes will share $10,000. This prize competition was developed to help migrating juvenile fish over or around tall dams. Moving migrating… Read More

The iconic desert tortoise may be threatened with extinction in the wild, but its numbers in captivity are overly abundant. And that’s a problem for the tortoise and for the wildlife officials hoping for the imperiled reptile to make a comeback in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

From a perch above a boulder-strewn ravine, we peered with binoculars up canyon walls and across a steep jumble of rocks and dirt for endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. The arrival of spring in the high country is when Sierra bighorns feast on fresh, water-saturated forage in the front country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada… Read More