In a stark report that indicates previous assessments of potential climate change damages were too conservative, climate scientists outlined repercussions from two possible planetary futures, one considerably worse than the other. Severe economic and ecological shocks, including risks to health, food security, and water supplies, will happen sooner than expected if global temperatures continue to… Read More

Researchers at the University of California recently highlighted a flaw in state law that may prohibit diverting streamflow to recharge groundwater. The problem is that groundwater recharge by itself is not considered a “beneficial use” under state law, and meeting that definition is a requirement to obtain a permit to divert water. Officials at the… Read More

The Carr Powerhouse area at Whiskeytown Lake has reopened following this past summer’s deadly and destructive Carr Fire. Officials with the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area said Wednesday that lakeshore access from the pullouts on the east side of Whiskey Creek Road have also reopened as part of the ongoing and phased effort to reopen the… Read More

The Global Rundown Officials in Rajasthan, India, warn against stagnant water as the Zika virus spreads. New research pinpoints two types of “flash drought” in China. A river in Texas that overflowed earlier this week begins to subside. In Iraq, water pollution in the Tigris River interrupts religious practices of the Mandaean faith. Rescuers continue to… Read More

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