Over the past decade, San Joaquin County and Delta stakeholders have spent thousands of hours fighting the governor’s Twin Tunnels project, officially called WaterFix. This water transfer plan would have a disastrous affect on the agricultural industry in the region, and estimated costs have ballooned to more than $20 billion. View Original Article Source: California… Read More

As fires continue grow larger, hotter and more frequent in California, an overlooked organism essential to forest health isn’t always returning. Lichen forms leaflike layers over bark and rocks. Animals like deer consume it, and it sometimes is the only food for flying squirrels (which spotted owls eat). View Original Article Source: California Water News… Read More

The state’s top water regulator has rejected the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s applications to pump groundwater to the Las Vegas Valley from across eastern Nevada, but not because he wanted to. State Engineer Jason King made it clear Friday that his hand was forced by a court order he doesn’t agree with, and he left… Read More

The Global Rundown Clean water shortages intensify in flood-hit Kerala, India. Shifting weather patterns are likely to bring hotter summers and heavier downpours in the northern hemisphere, according to scientists. Brazil’s Alagoas state declares a state of emergency as drought leaves thousands short on water. Water and sanitation systems continue to crumble in Yemen, fueling… Read More