The Bay Area made history in June 2016 by passing Measure AA, a wetland restoration parcel tax and the first ballot measure to include all nine counties. Besides providing wildlife habitat and flood protection, the measure may hold lessons for future regional governance. Most of all, however, the measure’s success underscores how important the Bay… Read More

Large precipitation events that occur about every 10 years are a critical source of recharge for replenishing groundwater resources, according to a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Reclamation. Groundwater is a vital source of water in the western United States, and will be increasingly important with continued population growth… Read More

When surveyed in 2012 by the Public Policy Institute of California, scientists who conduct research in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta stated that the restoration of habitat, above all other actions, was their highest priority. Progress has come slowly, but it is finally beginning to happen thanks to direct actions by Metropolitan and other public water… Read More