Governor Brown signed nearly 60 new bills this year that will influence how California goes about the business of managing water. Several of these new laws will expand and strengthen the water safety net for disadvantaged communities. … Consolidating small water districts into larger ones is a relatively low-cost and durable solution that can bring lower… Read More

  Taking place on Oct. 26, 2016, the WIVF offers water industry and federal laboratory professionals an easy-to-access, open setting in which to make real-time connections. With this forum, the FLC hopes to show that through collaborative efforts and federal technologies, the technology transfer (T2) process can contribute to addressing global issues that affect us… Read More

If I have a bottle of water in the freezer, I take it out and it thaws up.. Can I safely put it back in the freezer and freeze the water again? If no, why? If yes, is there a certain number of times before it gets unsafe? submitted by /u/RandyMarsh- [link] … Read More