The Loma and Soberanes fires drive home the need for Congress to treat wildfires as natural disasters and pay the costs of fighting them through a designated emergency fund. … Weather forecasters are predicting a dry, warm winter,. and the Forest Service says there are 66 million dead or dying trees in the Sierra alone. Original article Source:… Read More

The invasion of earthworms in this earthworm-free region is a major concern. The worms alter the soil and microbial communities where they dwell, laying the groundwork for invasions of nonnative plants that would alter the island’s unique ecosystem and threaten biodiversity there, said Travis Longcore, a spatial scientist at USC.  Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

Mettler Toledo’s Seven2Go portable meter provides users with quick data, single-handed operation, durability, and reliable pH measurement for laboratory, at-line and outdoor environments. Source: Technology News… Read More

Newark Wire Cloth provides engineered filtration products, including vessel internals, filter leaves, and strainers. Source: Technology News… Read More

The Cretex/Hydratite Internal Pipe Joint Sealing System is a mechanical, trenchless remediation solution for leaking pipe joints consisting of a rubber seal that spans the joint and is held in place by stainless steel bands on either side of the joint.  Source: Technology News… Read More