The Central Valley is home to California’s productive farming belt, but the region’s groundwater is so severely overdrafted in some places that the land has been sinking. … Now scientists from Stanford University have found that the region might actually have three times more groundwater than previous estimates, which are decades old. Source: California Water News… Read More

Eighteen million Americans live in communities where the water systems are in violation of the law. Moreover, the federal agency in charge of making sure those systems are safe not only knows the issues exist, but it’s done very little to stop them, according to a new report and information provided to CNN by multiple… Read More

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – NSF Sustainability, a division of global public health organization NSF International, has verified an environmental product declaration (EPD) for PPG Paints™ SPEEDHIDE® zero Interior Zero VOC* (volatile organic compounds) latex paint. An EPD is an internationally recognized and standardized tool that reports the environmental impacts of… Read More Source: NSF New… Read More

The Global Rundown Pollutants continue to taint vital groundwater supplies in the United States and India, even as informed government agencies fail to act. Swedish scientists say they are one step closer to cracking cost-effective hydrogen energy. Water ATMs may prove an innovative solution to Kenya’s water crisis. Meanwhile, reimagining agricultural practices in Asia and the Caribbean could hold the key to surviving unprecedented droughts.… Read More