Lately, water infrastructure has gained a lot of national attention, although not always for the most reassuring reasons. … Despite all of this federal uncertainty, however, cities and states are not slowing down in their water infrastructure plans and investments. As places from New Orleans to Flint to Oroville see the impetus for action, they… Read More

Farmers and environmentalists have often been at odds. Farmers, for instance, rarely want it known that their land might host an endangered species, for fear regulations could come crashing down. Environmentalists are fond of regulations to protect natural resources, but rarely do much to help farmers comply. These old patterns are beginning to change as the… Read More

Worried about having to relinquish too much reservoir water and saddle Bay Area customers with restrictions on their taps, San Francisco officials plan to unveil a counterproposal Friday that they say restores river habitat and helps fish while maintaining water for cities and farms. … The plan already has sparked an unusual alliance between San… Read More

Hey there /r/water, I've got an interview today which amounts to a big promotion, which would be as the manager of the environmental compliance section of our water department. If you're the praying type, I would appreciate prayers. If you're not, I would appreciate good vibes, positive thoughts, and best wishes. Thanks everyone. I'll let… Read More