An action shot of a Canada Goose flying low along the water edge in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. A spectacular shot of a Canada Goose (aka Branta canadensis) in mid flight along the coastline of Knight Inlet, BC, Canada.Giant Canada goose (Branta canadensis maxima) in flight, Knight Inlet, British Columbia, Canada…. Source: Natural Resources… Read More

The agency that runs the $4 billion Central Arizona Project is being accused of manipulating Colorado River reservoirs’ operations to suck out more water for its Tucson, Phoenix and Pinal County customers. The accusation came in two letters in the past few days from representatives of four Upper Colorado River Basin states, the federal government… Read More

The magnificent coastal redwood and giant sequoia forests of California are a shadow of their former selves, but their future could be bright if public officials and private land preservationists commit to protect and restore the ancient ecosystems where the mammoth conifers thrive, an analysis of the state’s signature trees found. View Original Article Source:… Read More