Wildfires are surging across the western U.S. with more than four million acres charred this year. That’s almost double the rate from last season and more than 40 percent above the five-year average for mid-July.  Original article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

Hanoi’s population growth — twice as high as the national average — combined with a strong textile industry and a manufacturing sector that supplies the world with electronics and information technology are drawing down the region’s water reserves. Aquifers are being pumped at an alarming rate, which threatens the city’s water supplies and its physical… Read More

Water and sewer service rates will go up an average 3 percent for most Hayward customers starting in October, and another 3 percent the following year. But for the first time in many years, the city is not increasing water usage rates, said Alex Ameri, head of Hayward utilities services. Original article Source: California Water News… Read More

Through the Walton Family Foundation’s Colorado River basin initiative, my colleagues and I [Ted Kowalski] seek creative solutions to ensure the Colorado River basin has the water supply it needs. … To elevate water infrastructure in these ongoing discussions, we developed a white paper on the Colorado River’s Critical Infrastructure Needs. Original article Source: California Water… Read More