A judge clarified late Thursday that a sweeping 21st century plan for the Delta is “invalid,” a decision applauded by Delta advocates who had argued the plan didn’t go far enough to protect the fragile estuary from massive water exports. Source: California Water News feed… Read More

As part of an extensive effort to restore decades’ worth of impacts to the mud-choked Elk River, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a nearly $175,000 grant to allow the watershed’s stakeholders to come up with solutions. Source: California Water News feed… Read More

This little town [Cascade Locks], set below steep, forested mountainsides at the bottom of the Columbia River Gorge, stubbornly persists, eight decades after a dam was built downstream, drowning the navigational locks that gave the place its name and main income. Source: California Water News feed… Read More

A plan gaining support in Congress and backed by the cargo shipping industry would establish a nationwide policy for dumping ballast water into U.S. waterways that environmental groups say would open the door to more invasive species like zebra and quagga mussels, which have wreaked economic havoc from the Great Lakes to the West Coast.… Read More