I drink around 1.5 gallons per day. Looking for water that's less than 0.3mg/L fluoride, and rather low for other heavy elements (Lead, mercury, etc.). Trying to find out where I can buy it in bulk for cheap. Any help appreciated, thanks submitted by /u/DaMeteor [link] [comments] Source: Reddit Water News… Read More

Two storm systems that will pass through Modesto over the next five days could bring as much as a half an inch of rain, the National Weather Service has predicted. The low end of the precipitation forecast shows the area receiving less than a quarter inch through Monday. View Original Article Source: California Water News… Read More

On opposite ends of Highway 101, Sonoma County was wracked by fire and Santa Barbara County was buried in mud. … [Gov. Jerry] Brown could use the two tales of disaster to raise questions about land development, affordable housing, environmental stewardship and – one of his nemeses and near-impossible in today’s Sacramento – CEQA reform.… Read More