The biggest storm to hit Northern California in more than seven months is poised to deliver widespread rainfall across the Bay Area and snow to the Sierra Nevada beginning late Tuesday night, a system that will help wash away lingering smoke from the Camp Fire burning in Butte County. Related Article: Tahoe Daily Tribune: Rain, snow… Read More

Scott White announced his resignation as executive director of the Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) on Monday afternoon, with long-time attorney Paul Simmons stepping into the position in the interim. View Original Article Source: California Water News feed… Read More

Earlier this year, state regulators sent California’s roughly 3,000 community water systems an annual report that included what the authors thought was a reasonable question. How many times in 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board asked, had local providers turned off water to their residential customers? What the question stirred instead was an information… Read More

On behalf of PID’s Board and staff we would like to express our heartbreak for all our neighbors who are suffering due to the Camp Fire. We are working to restore services in Paradise and look forward to supporting you when you return and rebuild. … All accounts have been placed in a sealed status.… Read More