We’re glad to see the state government is finally realizing Californians just aren’t going to save water merely because it’s the right thing to do. The signs of a dry winter have been piling up for months, and yet the statewide water saving rate has continued to decline. View Original Article Source: California Water News… Read More

Assemblyman James Gallagher rounded up a group of bipartisan legislators to visit Oroville on Thursday, where they met with community members and toured the now-infamous dam. Representatives of districts ranging from southern to northern California came to better understand the place where the evacuation of about 188,000 people occurred just over a year ago. View… Read More

Boris Salomatin has lived his entire 60 years down a dirt road in the tiny village of Khudaiberdynsk, a few miles from the entrance to the massive Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing complex. … From March 1949 to November 1951, environmental activists have learned, radioactive waste was poured directly into the nearby Techa River, and nearby lakes… Read More