They were known as water guardians. Women in Southwest Morocco’s rural communities would begin their trek as early as 4 a.m. and spend up to four hours a day making multiple trips to collect water for their families. … Today, some of these Berber communities tucked into the mountains overlooking the scorching Sahara have found… Read More

For 15 years, two NASA satellites revealed an unprecedented picture of movements in water around the Earth, tracking ice sheets melting, glaciers retreating, oceans rising and groundwater declining as humans drain aquifers. Now, NASA is carrying on the mission with the next generation of satellites that will monitor changes in the world’s water supplies. View Original… Read More

The high-ranking lawmaker who wants to block judicial review of a massive California water tunnels project calls his maneuver something close to standard operating procedure. And, like it or not, he’s right. In the latest example of a controversial tactic, the chairman of a key House panel included language blocking judicial review of California’s WaterFix… Read More

Riverside residents will pay higher water rates starting July 1 and higher electric rates starting Jan. 1, the City Council decided in a 4-3 compromise Tuesday, May 22. … Pointing to a cast-iron pipe with half the metal gone, [Riverside Public Utilities Interim General Manager Todd] Jorgenson said the rise in rates is necessary to prevent… Read More