The Global Rundown A major infrastructure project along the Amazon River is set to begin, but indigenous groups fear the developments could threaten their livelihood. Residents of Austin, Texas, are urged to cut water consumption as the city struggles to treat its water. Prolonged drought disrupts shipping along key German waterways. Hurricane Willa makes landfall… Read More

Is there a certain Ph level we are looking for? Does it need electrolytes? I’ve been reading on alkaline and wonder how big of a deal it is for the human body. Any feedback will be appreciated. submitted by /u/Superduperbeast [link] [comments] Source: Reddit Water News… Read More

NSF’s Executive Director and ex-MHRA Inspector, Rachel Carmichael, will be speaking at the Outsourcing and Supply Chain PDA Europe Conference this November in Seville, Spain. This newly designed conference covers the whole supply chain from raw materials to last-mile distribution. Rachel’s session on 6 November will focus on effective GxP… Read More Source: NSF New… Read More

The report said that more than half of the $129 million allocated this year for climate change went to programs that likely would have happened regardless of the Climate Action Plan. Programs such as the city’s water recycling program, Pure Water, may help reduce greenhouse gases but they don’t represent new commitments under the climate… Read More

[Brook] Cole [chief planner of the development for Clyde Properties] said the development is designed to be highly efficient, minimizing the amount of grass and other water-thirsty vegetation and focusing most of the green into shared public spaces. In addition, the entire development would be piped into the city’s secondary water system, taking non-potable, brackish… Read More

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is one step closer to approving the Shoreline Plan and development rights initiative, a process that began in 2015. On Wednesday the Advisory Planning Commission recommended to the Governing Board that the plan be adopted. The board is expected to vote on the initiatives on Oct. 24. View Original Article… Read More

The story of Native America taught in U.S. public schools usually begins at contact with European explorers. Children then get lessons about Thanksgiving, maybe the Trail of Tears or the 19th century wars over the removal of tribes in the American West. Rarely discussed is life in the Americas before Columbus’ 1492 voyage. View Original… Read More

The city of Ventura is suing hundreds of users that extract or divert water from the Ventura River Watershed, court documents show. The action comes as the legal battle continues between Ventura and Santa Barbara Channelkeepers over how much water the city should take out of the river.  View Original Article Source: California Water News feed… Read More