The public health risks from Hurricane Florence rise with every inch of floodwater. Floods are notorious conduits for filth, indiscriminately sweeping away the flotsam and jetsam of civilization: raw sewage and “solids” from municipal water treatment plants, industrial solvents and potent chemicals, garbage and debris, and the carcasses of wild animals trapped by rising floodwaters.… Read More

According to data reported by the island’s water systems between January 2015 and March 2018, 97 percent of Puerto Rico’s population is served by a local drinking water system with at least one recent violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act’s lead and copper testing requirements. That is far higher than any U.S. state. View… Read More

The weather in the Klamath Basin may be seasonably pleasant, but the climate of long-term water agreement talks for Interior Department’s Alan Mikkelsen have been stormy as of late. … In a recent interview with Mikkelsen regarding the status of his “climb” toward the goal of an agreement, he said he is halfway up the… Read More

The federal agency that had been handling the permitting process for the Lake Powell Pipeline announced Thursday it doesn’t have jurisdiction to handle the entire project on its own. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission submitted an order indicating it would only consider permitting for the hydroelectric facilities proposed for the project, and not the remaining… Read More