I recently read an article classifying sodium fluoride as a neurotoxin. I am very skeptical about what is put into our municipal water system. I also have some fears about what mountain spring bottled water companies could sneak into their water. Drinking Water It sounds like mountain spring water is the best option health wise.… Read More

BTW, I recommended desalination in 1999 to my USAID-funded client, after reviewing Gaza’s water and wastewater regimes. “DEIR EL-BALAH – International aid workers opened a new desalination plant in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, bringing some relief to a territory where 97 percent of the water is undrinkable. It is the Hamas-ruled territory’s second and… Read More

A new study concludes that salmon have not benefited much from autumn water releases into the lower Stanislaus River. The research by the Fishbio consulting firm backs up claims by the Oakdale and South San Joaquin irrigation districts that the October releases are wasting water from New Melones Reservoir. Original article Source: California Water News… Read More